Every business has a story. This is ours.

Meet Our Managing Tripsters.

  • brian, man with the plan


    Product Man with the Plan

    We’re talking about a true Renaissance guy. We call him the Rembrandt of travel technology, among other things.

  • steve, top techie


    Top Techie

    When it comes to making technology easy, he’s got Jobs. He’s really a computer genius, but doesn’t wear tennis shoes.

  • tom, the bodyguard


    The Bodyguard

    Tom’s the man. He’s basically the Liam Neeson of the office, and if any data gets taken, we can count on him to retrieve it.

  • preston, parternship philanthropist


    Partnership Philanthropist

    Preston just wants to heel the lost soles of business travel, one tired traveler at a time. He’ll lift you up when you need him.

  • curt, creative connoisseur


    Creative Connoisseur

    Not only is this guy creative, he combines html, C#, and the occasional Python. He is our Jack of all trades, only his name is Curt.

  • diego, savings politician


    Savings Politician

    Diego is making travel great again! He has the politico intel to find hidden savings. The savings will be HUGE! Trust me.

  • richard, fun advocate


    Fun Advocate

    Richard thinks that the best way to spread business travel cheer is by singing it loud for all to hear. Just don’t ask him to sing it near us.

  • samar, tech outlaw


    Tech Outlaw

    Samar has the dev skills of a Silicon Valley Stanford dropout. He has a PhD in success and makes software with finesse.

  • sam,social olympian


    Social Olympian

    Sam is tough as nails and quick as our tech. She basically has a gold medal in scoring sales goals. That’s a thing and we know it.

  • anna, event guru


    Event Guru

    They say two’s company, three’s a crowd. Any more than that, it’s time to ask Anna to corral your group. YeeHaw!

  • cody, world-wide wiz


    World-Wide Wiz

    He may not have invented the Internet, but his global implementation powers span the globe. Like its even hard, please.

  • rocky,price bandit


    Price Bandit

    Who left the mess in the break room again? When this guy isn’t digging through cake, you find him digging up deals.

  • gary, robocop



    Four…three...two...one. I am now authorized to issue your ticket! We’re still waiting for him to show up in the shiny metal suit.

  • bijal, man of mystery

    Bijal Modi

    International Man of Mystery

    He is considered a national treasure in countries he has never visited. Rumor has it, he is on Bill Gates Diwali card list.

  • zack, human abacus


    Human Abacus

    Zack eats numbers for breakfast. He’s so skilled with accounting, we always let him calculate the tip.

  • nikki, data-stilktskin



    If you thought spinning straw into gold was cool, wait till you see what her data spinning can do. Rumple has nothing on Nikki.

  • nannette,operationalist



    She's got personality. She’s got processes. She’s got answers. She makes the complex easy...unlike her title.

  • sunil, project super hero


    Project Super Hero

    Faster than a bullet train, more nimble than a speeding rickshaw. Subduing big projects doesn’t phaze Sunil.

  • alina, trip avatar


    Trip Avatar

    Getting travel technology to communicate better is a skill...let’s just say she has a way with 01110111 01101111 01110010 01000100 01110011.

  • chris, perfect pitchman


    Perfect Pitchman

    "Can do" is Chris's middle name. In every conversation, he brings enthusiasm to the table. Along with your coffee. And donuts.

  • elissa, creative closer


    Creative Closer

    Creative, charismatic, and cooks, oh my! It's no surprise she's won over her clients.

  • catherine, social supplier


    Social Supplier

    She's all things social. Social media, Social strategy, and social hour!

  • henry, website wiz


    Website Wiz

    Welcome to the wizarding world of Harry, I mean Henry. He creates magic everywhere he goes.

  • jake, the handler


    The Handler

    Jake has caught the travel bug and never let it go. He's you're go to guy for tips, tricks, and all your travel needs.

  • shruti, agile aligner


    Agile Aligner

    She thinks on her toes and will solve all your problems. Give her a rubik's cube and she'll solve it too.

  • asha, expert engineer


    Expert Engineer

    Her expertise has us begging to learn more. She's skilled, like SQL.

  • jherzon, connected creator


    Connected Creator

    If you connect the dots, you'll see that Jherzon created them. ‘Nough said.

  • parag, online officer


    Online Officer

    3,2,1, take off! He’s the pilot for our online services and keeps us away from any turbulence.

  • pratik, tech tester


    Tech Tester

    He tests everything: products, travel bookings, our food before we eat…

  • sanman, digital designer


    Digital Designer

    He's our designer of the new digital age. And no, not video games.