Meet Our Managing Tripsters.

  • brian, man with the plan


    Product Man with the Plan

    We’re talking about a true Renaissance guy. We call him the Rembrandt of travel technology, among other things.

  • steve, top techie


    Top Techie

    When it comes to making technology easy, he’s got Jobs. He’s really a computer genius, but doesn’t wear tennis shoes.

  • tom, the bodyguard


    The Bodyguard

    Tom’s the man. He’s basically the Liam Neeson of the office, and if any data gets taken, we can count on him to retrieve it.

  • preston, parternship philanthropist


    Partnership Philanthropist

    Preston just wants to heel the lost soles of business travel, one tired traveler at a time. He’ll lift you up when you need him.

  • curt, creative connoisseur


    Creative Connoisseur

    Not only is this guy creative, he combines html, C#, and the occasional Python. He is our Jack of all trades, only his name is Curt.

  • diego, savings politician


    Savings Politician

    Diego is making travel great again! He has the politico intel to find hidden savings. The savings will be HUGE! Trust me.

  • richard, fun advocate

    Richard M,

    Fun Advocate

    Fun Advocate

  • samar, tech outlaw


    Tech Outlaw

    Samar has the dev skills of a Silicon Valley Stanford dropout. He has a PhD in success and makes software with finesse.

  • sam,social olympian


    Social Olympian

    Sam is tough as nails and quick as our tech. She basically has a gold medal in scoring sales goals. That’s a thing and we know it.

  • anna, event guru


    Event Guru

    They say two’s company, three’s a crowd. Any more than that, it’s time to ask Anna to corral your group. YeeHaw!

  • cody, world-wide wiz


    World-Wide Wiz

    He may not have invented the Internet, but his global implementation powers span the globe. Like its even hard, please.

  • rocky,price bandit


    Price Bandit

    Who left the mess in the break room again? When this guy isn’t digging through cake, you find him digging up deals.

  • gary, robocop



    Four… I am now authorized to issue your ticket! We’re still waiting for him to show up in the shiny metal suit.

  • bijal, man of mystery

    Bijal Modi

    International Man of Mystery

    He is considered a national treasure in countries he has never visited. Rumor has it, he is on Bill Gates Diwali card list.

  • zack, human abacus


    Human Abacus

    Zack eats numbers for breakfast. He’s so skilled with accounting, we always let him calculate the tip.

  • nikki, data-stilktskin



    If you thought spinning straw into gold was cool, wait till you see what her data spinning can do. Rumple has nothing on Nikki.

  • nannette,operationalist



    She's got personality. She’s got processes. She’s got answers. She makes the complex easy...unlike her title.

  • sunil, project super hero


    Project Super Hero

    Faster than a bullet train, more nimble than a speeding rickshaw. Subduing big projects doesn’t phaze Sunil.

  • alina, trip avatar


    Trip Avatar

    Getting travel technology to communicate better is a skill...let’s just say she has a way with 01110111 01101111 01110010 01000100 01110011.

  • jyoti, product princess


    Product Princess

    She’s building a castle, one product feature at a time. Sorry Will and Kate, it’s not for sale.