Why make travel hard when it can be easy - TripEasy
We have a simple goal for corporate travel
to search & book travel
is how you do business
fares & rates are better

Corporate travel should not be hard...that's why we decided to TripEasy.

Why TripEasy?

Time for a corporate travel upgrade.

  • Having provided corporate, meeting and convention booking sites to airlines for over a decade, we have a wealth of online travel expertise and the best programmers out there.
  • When it became obvious to us that corporate travel wasn’t keeping up with the times, we knew it was our responsibility to do something about it. And just like that - the idea of TripEasy was born!
  • We started with three simple ideas that have become the pillars of our business:
Technology Team Technology Team

We want to make corporate travel Easy.

  • We aren’t kidding when we say it’s EASY! Whether you are a Road Warrior,
    Group Coordinator or a Travel Manager, we’ve done our very best to take
    leading edge travel technology and simplify it for your convenience. No
    training required! Easy is always better when it comes to traveling.

We think corporate travel should be social.

  • It's a social world we live in, so why should the way we travel be any different? We believe collaboration is a key. Co-workers need the ability to connect with each other on the road and we're tackling this from social login to trip sharing, activity planning with coworkers, and even our loyalty points program.

We think you should always see the cheapest Price.

  • We all want to save money where it makes sense. In the spirit of keeping things simple, we leverage our relationships to provide you with low fares, low hotel rates, and negotiated discounts. No exhausting searches. No missed deals. Just cheap prices! That’s the beauty of TripEasy.